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Accessing eBooks

There are two main instances where you may be asked to log in to use an eBook. One is necessary for you to gain access to an eBook, and one is optional and only needed to read an eBook using a third-party eBook reader.

If you are prompted to log in to your Lesley account when first attempting to access an eBook, you will need to log in.

If you are attempting to download an eBook and are prompted for a My EBSCOhost login, that is optional. This login will look like this:

Screenshot of a prompt to log in to My EBSCOhost in order to borrow an ebook

This login is a separate account from your Lesley account, and it's only required if you want to read the eBook in a third-party eBook reader such as Adobe Digital Editions. It's not necessary if you want to save portions of the eBook as a PDF. If you are being prompted for this login and don't want to create an EBSCOhost account, select PDF Full Text instead:

Screenshot of EBSCO eBooks prompting users to select PDF Full text

For more about eBooks, see "I have a question about eBook downloads", or Ask Us for help!