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I Have a Question About Streaming Media

Where should I look for streaming media resources?

The Library provides access to a number of different streaming media databases, including:

The Library also provides access to subject-specific curated collections, such as:

I thought I had access to a title on streaming media, but I can no longer find it. Where should I look?

The easiest way to find a specific item is to search for the title on @LL Search. This will search all of our streaming media databases, so even if a title has moved from one platform to another, it should be discoverable in @LL Search. This will also search our media collection, in the event that the title is available on DVD but not streaming.

How can I tell if a streaming media title has closed captioning?

For information on subtitles or captioning, please see our streaming media accessibility guide, which provides information about captioning documentation for major vendors.

I'm thinking about showing a movie in class. Are there copyright considerations I should be aware of?
For questions about classroom use of streaming media, please see our copyright basics guide for information about the TEACH Act. For official University guidance, please see the Lesley University Policy on the Use of Copyrighted Works.

Where else can I find streaming media, legally and for free?
There are a number of resources for streaming media available through either the public domain or Creative Commons licenses.

If you still have questions, please Ask Us for help! If you are having trouble accessing a known title, please send us as much information as possible; the more detail we have, the better equipped we are to help you try to find a solution!