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I Am Only Supposed To Use Print Or Non-Internet Sources

The library has access to many more online journal or magazine articles than to print versions. However, some assignments may ask that you NOT use "online" or "Internet" sources. Here are suggestions for handling this:

  • First: Check the assignment requirements. Does the professor mean that you are not allowed to use any sources from the open web, but you ARE allowed to use online articles from scholarly journals available through the library's online databases? If you're unsure, talk with your instructor.

  • Next: If you've confirmed that you cannot use online library resources, search for print versions of relevant journals through the library Journals List to see if we still have any of the issues in print. You may want to ask your professor for a list of journals they recommend. If you find a journal that is available in print, find the call number and location so that you can physically locate it in the library.

  • Note the location and call number of the journal in the record and go to the shelves on that floor to find it. If you have trouble locating the print journal, then stop by the main desk on the first floor of the library and we can help you find it.

  • Finally: Scan articles (or make photocopies) at one of the library scanning stations. Scanning stations and photocopiers are located throughout both the Sherrill and Moriarty Libraries. If you choose to scan the item rather than photocopying, you can save the file electronically at no charge.