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Library Does Not Have What I Need


Search FLO Catalog to see if another school in our library's consortium has the book you need.

If yes and you have an existing Library account, you may request this copy and have it delivered to either the Sherrill or Moriarty Library. If you don't have a library account, register your Lesley ID card to be your library card using our online form or in person.

To make a request:

  1. Select book title you wish to request in the FLO Catalog.
  2. Click on “Make a Request” (under Actions on right side of screen).
  3. Login in using your Lesley ID card barcode or Lesley Student ID number, and last name
  4. Click on “Request from other library”
  5. Be sure to choose your pick up library (Must be Sherrill or Moriarty) using the pull down menu
  6. Submit

You may also go to the FLO lending library and borrow it using your Lesley Library account and Lesley ID card. Not available at another FLO library? See our Using Other Local Libraries page and or continue reading below.


Articles and Book Chapters

If you need an article or material other than a book or if what you need cannot be found at another FLO library, you may be eligible to get the resource through InterLibrary Loan (ILL). Please visit our ILL Guide for more information about ILL and instructions on how to place a request.

Undergraduate students should ask a Librarian for assistance in finding similar materials before placing an ILL request.


Can't wait for something to arrive from another library? Don't qualify for ILL?

 Remember allow time for an item to arrive at Lesley Library:

  • FLO items usually arrive in 4—7 business days.
  • Commonwealth Catalog items usually arrive in 7-10 business days.
  • ILLiad items usually arrive in 3 days to 2 weeks or more. Each ILLiad request is sent to a string of up to 10 lending institutions. Each institution has up to 4 business days to respond (weekends and holidays excluded) to the request. A request could therefore take up to 31 calendar days to move through an entire lending string.

Ask a Librarian to help you find similar resources available now through Lesley University Library if you're short on time or can't use ILL.

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