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I Am Looking for Newspaper Articles

Newspapers include:

  • Coverage of current or very recent events
  • Eyewitness accounts of an event
  • In-depth coverage of local issues (in local or regional newspapers) 
  • The public's reaction to a specific event or issue
  • The media's current portrayal, or portrayal over time, of a specific issue

Many newspapers are on the open Web, but some have paywalls for older issues or offer a limited amount of free access per month. 

Accessing newspapers through the Libraries: 

Lesley University Library provides online access to many newspapers. Browse our Newspaper Databases or Journals List for specific titles or types of newspapers, like local or historical.

Newspaper articles can also be found in many of the Library's databases through @LL Search by limiting to 'News' (under 'Format' on the search results page):

Newspaper results in @LL Search

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