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I Am Looking For A Specific Journal

Search for the title in the Journals List. If we have access to the journal, it will be listed there. You could also search for the journal title in @LL Search.

Information about full text access, such as the years the library has and whether the format is print or electronic, will be below the title. The year of the publication often determines how you access the journal's contents, so be sure the publication years available match what you need.

journals list

Click on publisher or vendor's name that has the year you need or click on the item title to see the full record and learn more about the journal. The full record will tell you about the publisher and whether or not the journal is peer-reviewed.

Print journals are for in-library use only. If you are a student who lives more than 30 miles away and you need access to an article from a print journal, please read more about options for access here.