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I Need To Know Who Has Cited A Work

One of the easiest ways to find out who else has cited the article you're interested in is to use the "Cited By" tool in Google Scholar.

  • To access Google Scholar, go directly to the website at (If you would like to make sure that you are seeing Lesley resources when you search Google Scholar, see add Lesley Libraries to your Google Scholar Library Links.)
  • Type the title of the article in quotes into the search bar and click "Search":
  • Locate your article in the search results, and look for the "Cited By" link underneath your article, which indicates about how many times the article has been cited by other scholars. 

Look for the Cited By number undermeath the article record

Click on the "Cited By" link for a list of the sources in which the article was cited. 
List of articles that have cited Arnett's "Emerging Adulthood"

Want to dig even deeper into citation analysis of an article or author? You can also try the Social Sciences Citation Index.

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